Sunday, 10 June 2012

Bathroom Care

Pine Gel/Citrus Gel
Concentrated gel for use on urinals, floor walls, tiles, showers, baths and basins, deep cleans, perfumed deodorizer, biodegradable.
5 L  -  25 L

Germatol  (like Domestos)
Used for cleaning and disinfecting, bathroom, showers,toilets and bacteria active area.
5 L  -  25 L

Urinal Pellets
Perfumed and coloured . Used in urinal areas to remove odours.
5 Kg

Air Freshner Liquid (Apple/Lavender/Cherry)
A long lasting airfreshner for domestic use and cars to be
used with a trigger spray bottle.
5 L  -  25 L

Hand Soap Liquid Anti Bacterial (Pink & Yellow)
To remove dirt from hands.
5 L  -  25 L

Deo Blocks 
Perfumed and coloured . Used in toilet areas to remove odours.

Bubble Bath
Pour under running water, watch and smell the fun bubbles up.
5 L  -  25 L

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