Sunday, 10 June 2012

Laundry Care

Washing Powder H/Foam (Hand Wash) and L/Foam (Auto Machines)
Used for hand wash - twin tubs - front loaders and top loaders.
Highly effective in removing mildew, dirt & soap stains
Used in household & industrial washing machines
5Kg  -  10Kg  -  25Kg

Fabric Softener (Apple, Cherry, Lavender & Peach)
Used to soften and deodorize clothing.
5L  -  25L

Oxygen Stain Remover
This product is efficient on all types of stains, mostly used in industrial and government laundries. Also used in domestic washing machines. Whitens and brightens whites. Oxygen stain remover can be used in hot and cold water application. This product is safe on white coloured fabrics.
5Kg  -  25Kg

Stain Remover Spotter
It is a liquid used to remove spots from fabrics.
5L  -  25L

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